Armour / Hellberg Hard Hat, Earmuff and Forestry Visor kit is light, comfortable & well-ventilated. The hard hat design shell is made of ABS material to absorb and resist high impact and has a 6-point ratchet suspension harness and a 4-point fully adjustable Chin strap. Also fitted with integrated Class 5 Hellberg earmuffs, Browguard Carrier and Steel Mesh Visor for the best fit and protection.

Features and Benefits

Ratchet Helmet and Chin strap design for secure fit.
Integrated Browguard, Visor and Earmuff
Fluro Yellow, also available in other colours.
ABS Hardhat meets AS/NZS 1801:1997
ANSI Z89.12009.1 Class C
Steel Mesh Visor Approvals CE EN 1731 F ANSI Z87
Cap Mount earmuff, Class 5 meets AS/NZS 1270:2002.