The SAFE polycarbonate visor is the best selection for resistance to impact. It is designed to be combined with all SAFE carriers, SECURE earmuffs and a variety of helmets for a full above the neck protection. The visor is approved to medium impact and is suitable for applications such as grinding, construction work and general industry work.

Technical data

Type/Material Clear polycarbonate
Thickness 1 mm
Weight 74 g
Length 200 mm
Approvals CE EN 166 1B39, EN 170 2-1,2 ANSI Z87+, CSA Z94.3-2007

EN 166:2001 European standard for eye protection

ANSI Z87.1-2003 The American National Standard for Eye and Face Protection

CSA Z94.3-2007 The Canadian Standard for Eye and Face Protection

EN 166 visor markings

1: optical rating class
B: protection from medium energy impacts
3: protection from liquid splashes
9: resistance to molten metal droplets and penetrations of hot solids
Additional visor approvals and markings

EN 170/2-1,2: UV scale number

ANSI visor markings Z87+ Basic and high impact protection


This visor is in compliance with the PPE regulation 2016/425 and other appropriate directives to fulfil the requirements of CE marking. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at following internet address: www.

Compatible with

20902-001 SAFE 1 carrier

20901-001 SAFE2 standard carrier

20901-010 SAFE2 standard low peak carrier

20901-501 SAFE2 flex carrier

20901-510 SAFE2 flex low peak carrier

61100-001 SAFE 3 carrier