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Hellberg? SAFE Steel Mesh

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Hellberg? SAFE Steel Mesh

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The SAFE steel mesh visor is very rubust and suitable for tough working conditions. The visor protects the wearer from large dust particles and gives a comfortable airflow, stays close to your face for superior coverage and ensures stability and balance. The visor is approved to low impact and is suitable for applications such as forestry work and grass/bush trimming. It is designed to be combined with all SAFE carriers, SECURE earmuffs and a variety of helmets for a full above the neck protection.

Technical data

Type/Material Steel mesh
Light transmittance 70%
Weight 52 g
Lenght 185 mm
Approvals CE EN 1731 F ANSI Z87

EN 1731:2006 – European standard for mesh type eye and face protection

ANSI Z87.1-2003 The American National Standard for Eye and Face Protection

EN 1731 visor markings F: protection from low energy impacts

ANSI visor markings Z87 Basic impact protection


This visor is in compliance with the PPE regulation 2016/425 and other appropriate directives to fulfil the requirements of CE marking. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at following internet address: www.

Compatible with

20902-001 SAFE 1 carrier

20901-001 SAFE2 standard carrier

20901-010 SAFE2 standard low peak carrier

20901-501 SAFE2 flex carrier

20901-510 SAFE2 flex low peak carrier

61100-001 SAFE 3 carrier

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