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Charge devices effortlessly on the go with Swiss Peak's Luxury 10W Wireless Power Bank. It offers relentless performance with 10,000mAh of stored energy which is enough to charge a device up to five times. The power bank charges devices that are enabled for wireless charging and will work with most modern phones. It also has twin USB ports so two more devices can be charged simultaneously using cables. The unit is manufactured from high quality PU and ABS and it has an input power of 5V/2A, an output power of 5V/2.1A and a wireless output of 5V/1A. It can be charged using a Micro-B USB cable or a Type-C cable. The Swiss Peak logo is subtly debossed on the side of the power bank and it is presented in a smart Swiss Peak gift box along with a braided Micro-B USB cable and an instruction leaflet. Please note that some phone cases may affect the wireless charging connection.


5 10 25 50 100 250
65.62 64.85 64.09 63.32 62.56 61.80

Print Type: Individual Gift Box

Colors: Black.

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Branding Option: Direct Digital

Branding Area: Laser Engraving, Direct Digital.

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Weight 10.00 kg
Dimensions 48 × 17 × 28 cm