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Armour? Helmet Earmuff – Class 5 (New Design)

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Armour? Helmet Earmuff – Class 5 (New Design)

$27.28 Incl. GST

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Armour’s new helmet earmuff conforms to the highest level of comfort and protection. The new design is extremely durable due to its ABS plastic frame so it can take the knocks and lasts longer than cheaper alternatives. The blade helmet attach system connects with multiple leading brand industrial and climbing helmets in the industry. As a cost effective earmuff, the EPEMC offers excellent value for money and the performance of market leading hearing brands.

Features and Benefits

Class 5 under safety standard AS/NZS 1270.
Adjustable muff position to fit different head shapes
Connects to multiple leading helmet brands
Comfortable and soft cushions
Heavy duty plastic frame
SLC(80) 26db.

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