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Armour Half Face Multi Gas Filter Mask

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Armour Half Face Multi Gas Filter Mask

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Welcome to Armour’s range of reusable respiratory masks, filters, cartridges and accessories. The RRHM73CKIT is a complete multi gas kitset that includes a silicone half face mask, multi gas vapour cartridges (ABEK1), pre-filters, holders and wipes. All these items are contained in a snap lock container for ease of storage and to protect equipment from contamination.

The cartridge protects against a range of multi gas and vapours including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride & sulphide, ammonia gas, methylamine and formaldehyde.

The kit Includes:

Silicone Half Face Mask
Organic Multi Gas & Vapour Cartridges
Pre Filter & Retainers
Cleaning wipes
Sealed in a lockable container ready for use when you need
All Armour reusable respiratory products are tested and approved to meet the following standards:

Certified AS/NZS 1716:2012
Certified CE Standard EN143:2000 P3 R
Certified CE Standard EN14387:2004+A1:2008
Certified CE Standard EN149:2001+A1:2009
Certified CE Standard EN143:2000 P2 R

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