Developed by Armour Safety in response to the Covid19 crisis, this washable balaclava is designed for the food processing industry for food safety.

Balaclava mask features an outer polyester mesh plus a double protective layer made up of a layer of 100% pure cotton and a layer of polyester/cotton blend sewn internally. The mesh and fabric work together for moisture management and filtration performance, avoiding inner perspiration build up/transfer. Reduces moisture irritation 100% pure cotton provides the highest level of filtration of all natural and reuseable fabrics and has been included based on the recommendations of medical experts. Polyester is manufacturerd product predominately used in textiles.

Features and benefits

Very resilient
Quick drying
Resistant to biological damage such as mould and mildew
Holds form well
Avaliable in various colours
Recommended laundering instructions: Soak 40`c for 3 min – Full Weater then follow these wash steps
Detergent wash at 65-75`c for 6 min
Bleach wash at 60-70`c

Additional information

Blue, Red, White