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Women’s Safety Joggers Black & Grey #883

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Women’s Safety Joggers Black & Grey #883

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Designed and built for women, the #883 features XRD cushioning in the footbed and midsole which means they’re perfect for long days on the job. Designed and manufactured specifically for women, offering optimum fit, support and comfort along with a range of safety features. The outsole is heat resistant to temperatures up to at least 140C, therefore withstanding temperatures typically encountered in the majority of industrial applications. With a composite toe cap and nylon shank, these shoes are metal-free, meaning they won’t set off security detectors. Removable PU footbed which includes a pad of XRD Extreme Impact Protection under the heel of the foot. The footbed is anti-bacterial, breathable and washable. Designed to prevent the build up of static electricity by conducting the static change to the ground. This greatly reduces the risk of electric shock, and is best used in workplaces including petrochemical plants, airport tarmacs and anywhere you’re exposed to flammable vapours. Capable of withstanding an impact of 200 joules, they’re the ideal shoe if you’re on your feet all day and require lightweight protection. And because they’re metal free, they won’t set off any metal detectors.

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